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The CDP CerCoG develops an ambitious interdisciplinary project focused on Brain and Cognition in a longitudinal perspective from neuron to cognition, healthy to pathology, and individual to collective cognition. We associate a broad spectrum of disciplines as our teams belong belonging to four UGA research Poles : SHS (Sciences Humaines et Sociales; Human and Social Sciences), CBS (Chimie, Biologie, Santé; Biological Sciences), MSTIC (Mathématiques, sciences et technologies de l'information et de la communication; Information Sciences) and marginally PEM (Physique, ingénierie, matériaux; Physics, Engineering, Materials). In addition, Université Grenoble Alpes Hospital  (CHUGA, Clinical Neuroscience Axis) is significantly involved in this program.

CDP CerCoG@UGA is based on a rich history on Brain and Cognition bootstrapped in previous structures and programs on the Grenoble site. A consolidated and structured scientific project has emerged from active and intense collaborations developed on the Grenoble site in an interdisciplinary perspective for more than ten years. CDP CerCoG@UGA, therefore, emerged as a natural product from collaborations in preexisting structures such as Grenoble Cognition Pole – PGC (2010-2022) and previous IDEX UGA programs such as NeuroCoG (2017-2020).

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Content of the project

CerCoG research activity will be organized along three axes, which include twelve scientific themes defined on the basis of multiple pre-existing collaborations. Transversal across the three scientific axes, we will develop a “Tools and Methods” Program with several actions, as detailed in the work package tab.

An illustration of CerCoG's Axis

An illustration of CerCoG Axis

Submitted on February 17, 2023

Updated on June 14, 2023