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Call for projects

The scientific project developed within CerCoG sets its dynamics into a sustainable perspective by relying on two interrelated operational programs, “Science and Breakthroughs” and “Tools and Methods”. 


Scientific Projects

The program is organized around three main scientific axes, each dedicated to the Brain (exploring neurons and preclinical neuro-applications), Cognition (studying individual and collective cognition in healthy and pathological conditions), and Clinics (focusing on diagnosis, therapeutics, and disability).

To support the interdisciplinary projects declared within the twelve scientific themes, the budget includes various funding calls such as: bootstrapping to finance small projects and promote interdisciplinary collaborations, including master internships and small running costs: collaborative projects are also available through annual calls, with a balance between axes and research themes based on the same interdisciplinary and inter-teams' criteria; structuring research projects, for the development of transversal inter-axe projects, with the only call of this type to be launched before 2025.


Methodological projects

The budget for methodological actions allowing to enhance the functioning, visibility, and coordination of UGA's facilities associated to CerCoG@UGA, through methodological collaborative projects for the community, will be organized as mentioned in the section Methodological work package.

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Submitted on March 9, 2023

Updated on August 30, 2023